Our story


A peachy baby is born

In 2008 Jamie and Bowling had their baby boy. He loved to eat baby food in England.

Disappointment in the stores

But Mama and Dada are sad that they can’t find a good selection of baby food in the stores in Thailand

Lets find a solution

So they decide find a way to solve this problem by experimenting at home

Uncle Tee to the rescue

They talk with uncle Tee who has a tomato factory in North East Thailand to see if he can help

Found a factory

Uncle Tee says he can help to develop new baby food products using his factory

R&D time

Five all-natural fruit and veg recipes are created with the help of the factory R&D team and food technology experts

Our Chief Taster

And the Peachy baby helps to confirm that the new products are also yummy

Why "Peachy"?

The new products are called “Peachy” because it's a happy fun and fruity word (like the products)

Finally in the stores!

Finally, after 3 years, in 2012 the new Peachy products are available in Thai supermarkets

Peachy overseas

As of 2019 our products can now be found in all major Thai supermarkets and 7 other countries outside Thailand


Meet the Peachy team based in our Bangkok office and dedicated to making sure little ones in Thailand get the best possible nutritious start to life.

See if you can match our team photo with the cute baby photos below!